The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age

The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age
The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age

The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age

 You may have wondered at some point what are the reasons why Asian women look so young and why is it that they do not seem to age fast in this article. 

we will share with you some ideas, behind Asian woman's youthful appearance.

1. Diet:-

           According to research conducted by Mel burns Monash University. 

It was found that Greek-born Australians who eat more vegetables, dried fruits, garlic, less milk monounsaturated fat, and coffee show fewer wrinkles.

 They show less aging when compared to those, who have a higher consumption of processed meat, pastries, milk and potatoes.

 Among Anglo-Celtic Australians, who reside in locations that reexposed to the Sun the former healthier set of foods are compared to most Asian diet.

While the following food items are staples in the typical Western diet, therefore the Asians seem to prevent wrinkles and make, their skin look younger compared to Western people of the same age.

 2. Food preparation:-

           Asians use healthy oils that are good for the skin and use cooking techniques such as steam frying, stirring, and boiling instead of deep-frying.

 Which the West is fond of doing because eating too many fried foods can have adverse effects. People in the West look larger than Asians.

3. Variety of foods:-

           Asians meals usually consist of a wide variety of foods that include vegetables, fish, and fruits. 

These food items contain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, that keep the skin looking young.

 4. Lactose intolerance:-

          Keeps wrinkles at bay around 80 percent of Southeast Asians are lactose intolerant, which means they can't stomach dairy products that well.

Becausese of this, they tend to avoid foods with too much butter cheese and milk, in turn, this lowers the risk of getting too many wrinkles on their faces.

The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age
The beauty of Asian women and the secret to preventing old age

5. Obsession with fair-skin:-

          Asians are obsessed with getting fair-skinned and are likely to wear wide brim hats and use umbrellas to avoid the Sun.

ThisProtects them from the harmful UV rays, that make the skin dry produce freckles and spots as well as make a face look older.

 6. Anti-aging beauty products:-

             Anti-aging products are commonly used by Asians to maintain fair and soft skin, resulting in them looking younger than their actual age.

7. plastic surgery:-

           Asians, mainly Koreans, typically undergo plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance. 

This is true especially for Koreans in the entertainment industry who wonder go the knife to achieve smooth, perfect skin and look more Western.

8. Small stature:-

            Because of their small physical stature, Asians seem to look younger. In fact, grown-ups can fit into Western kid's clothing sizes.

 9. Asians facial features:-

             Since Asians have more fat around their eyes and mouth, they do not get too many wrinkles around that area. 

Also, their high cheekbones have small eyes and thin lips, making them many years younger than their actual age.

10. Exercise:-

               Regular exercise can slow down the process of Aging and decrease the formation of wrinkles Asians tend to have a more active lifestyle and usually take public transportation walk or ride their bicycles to move around the city.

 These forms of exercise do not only keep them younger-looking but also help maintain their shape.

 These are some of the reasons why Asian women do not seem to age fast.

 However, there are other factors at play that are not included in this article, yet you want to adopt your healthy lifestyle habits, the same benefits can thank you.
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