You will be stunned by knowing the miraculous qualities of this miraculous fruit.

You will be stunned by knowing the miraculous qualities of this miraculous fruit.
You will be stunned by knowing the miraculous qualities of this miraculous fruit.

You will be stunned by knowing the miraculous qualities of this miraculous fruit.

           Today to tell you about the miracle fruit today that has been mentioned in the Holy Quran and Bible as well.

Make sure to be with me till the end of the article as I will tell you a fantastic recipe to make from dried figs, so let's start.

The fig tree is one of the oldest cultivated plants. To various cultures, the fig represents prosperity, fertility, and peace.

The fig is believed to be the native to Western Asia, and then it was spread by man throughout the Mediterranean.

In 1520, Spaniards brought fixed to America where they were planted by Spanish missionary priests and were named as California mission figs.

Figs and fixed fees are mentioned numerous times in the Bible. The Jewish King, Hezekiah, was cured of a life-threatening plague by applying figs to the infected spots ( 2kings-20:7).

Plato wrote that Greek athletes along here were fed diets of figs in order to improve their overall strength and performance.

Due to the high value of figs, the Greeks even prohibited its export. Figs trees are extraordinary.

Under favorable conditions, one tree can provide fruit for up to 200 years!

Ancient physicians used to prescribe figs to people with malaria, of measles, fever, tumors, boils, sores, even leprosy, and syphilis.

Even thousands of years ago, figs were known to have both medicinal and nutritional properties.

Galan, 11th-century herbalists, wrote, "if dried figs were eaten with walnuts and grew before taking a fatal poison, they would preserve against its noxious effects."

The fig is a powerhouse of various nutrients. Fresh figs are merely unique.

They contain proteins, cellulose, pectin, substances, organic acids, vitamins A, C, B1, B3, PP.

Also, fixed are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Iron and phosphorus are needed to strengthen the immune system, to maintain the work of the heart muscle and health improvement.

Fig leaves are a good source of polyphenols and flavonoids, including the Gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, syringic acid, catechin, epicatechin, and rutin.

Psoralen and essential oils ( extracted from the leaves) have fungicidal and bactericidal action.

Most importantly, fig leaves possess anti-diabetic properties.

Fantastic health & beauty benefits of figs:-

Study shows fix treated cancer -

          The use of big fruit as a traditional cariostatic drug is widespread all over the world.

Figs are known to prevent oxidative DNA damage. According to a study conducted in Japan, the active agent in a fix called benzaldehyde killed a malignant tumor by 39% in just 11 days.

Dried figs in olive oil -

Very little information about dried figs is known to people, yet its practical use is in olive oil. The two nutrients are quite powerful in themselves.

        However, when mixed together, a miracle remedy is produced. The Quran swears by figs and olives.

As we respect all religions equally, it is hard to deny this statement made by a holy book.

This home remedy can cure many diseases ranging from anemia to kidney stones. But I will discuss only a few here the article will be too large.

Treat infertility -

This remedy can be used to create infertility as it increases fertility in both women and men's side when consumed regularly by both.

Figs contain a high amount of iron, which is essential for healthy eggs and ovulation.

Eliminate digestive issues -

              Say goodbye to imitable bowel syndrome and constipation. One dried fig in olive oil every morning will eliminate as this cure is loaded with fiber and antioxidants.

Waiting for two hours after consuming figs will do the trick. Remember to drink plenty of water in the morning.

Rejuvenate your skin -

             The properties in the fix that prevent cancer also prevent aging of the skin. Moreover, high vitamin C content in repair and vitamin E in olive oil will make your skin radiant.

When applied on the skin, the fix can externally benefit your beauty as well.

The benefits of figs are not limited to this, consuming figs, helps with blood sugar, blood pressure, weight loss, anemia, helps with digestion, and promote healthy bones.

Now the recipe :

Dried figs in olive oil in preparation.

Ingredients -

           Forty dried figs, a clean mason jar, olive oil.

Method -

          Place the figs in the jar and pour extra virgin olive oil over it, so the pigs are covered with it.

Close a lid. It is best if the figs are soaked in olive oil for 40 days before it can be used as a treatment.

Although this method can be tried, a more modern interpretation of this method would be letting the Fix soak for two to three days.

Eat a fig before each meal to relieve your condition.

How to choose figs -

           There are benefits to both fresh and dried fixed when choosing figs. However, I always avoid ones with mold or discolorations.

Ripe figs are best as they have higher antioxidant content. Fresh figs are usually available from June to October.

How to store figs -

             You can store ripe figs in your refrigerator. They will last up to 3 days.

Make sure you wash them thoroughly before eating. As you can see.

The consumption of figs merely is priceless. A few around (4-5) figs a day can go a long way to keeping you away from many deadly diseases.

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