Detox green smoothie for weight loss & clear skin

Detox green smoothie for weight loss & clear skin
Detox green smoothie for weight loss & clear skin

Detox green smoothie for weight loss & clear skin

Today we will discuss the benefits of green smoothie in this article. I like incorporating green smoothies into my diet as a replacement for breakfast and I do that for about a week.

I feel that that really puts me back on track I find that when I start drinking more green smoothies it not only helps to really clear up my skin.

It gives my skin this really nice glow and it also helps with diet and weight loss because there's so much fiber in these smoothies.

It really helps to keep you full and it prevents you from reaching full and it prevents you from reaching for those junk food and unhealthy snacks.

That you really shouldn't be eating and overall I feel like it really helps with my energy level it's very detoxifying and healing.

So it makes my body feel a lot lighter and it gives me a lot more energy to go around and do things.

If you would like to see how I make my detoxifying and beautifying green smoothie then please keep reading.

Smoothie method:-


1. 2 handfuls of organic baby spinach

2. Kale

3. Frozen banana and mango

4. Cucumber

5. Coconut water

6.  Parsley

7.  Lemon

I will take you guys over to my kitchen right now so here we are in my kitchen I've already prepared and washed the vegetables and fruits the blender.

I'm using today is that it's called the Vitamix and I purchased it from Costco and it's a very powerful blender.

So it's nice because it gives your smoothies a very smooth and creamy consistency.

So first I'm going to put in about two handfuls of organic baby spinach and we all know that Popeye love spinach right and it's because spinach is very high in nutrients but it's also low in calories.

It's an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants that are really good for your skin your hair and also your bones.

So I'm going to put about two handfuls of this into my blender next we have kale.

Kale is seriously a nutritional powerhouse it is jam-packed with so many good things for your body.

It's really high on the list for one of the world's

healthiest foods so like spinach it's great source of all your vitamins like vitamins A. C. E and K also have lots of antioxidants, calcium, iron.

All this good stuff for you but the problem with kale is sometimes it's a little tough and very hard to chew so for smoothies.

I actually like to take the leaves off the stem and I don't include the stem in this smoothie so here I'm just taking off the leaves is about two leaves of kale.

If you're just starting out with green smoothies I would suggest just starting with some spinach first and maybe adding in kale later because kale has a more distinct green taste to it.

Where some spinach is very very mild next we have some parsley. parsley is really good for purifying your blood and detoxifying your body.

I put up like a handful and me just kind of bend it and squish it in here next I put in one whole cucumber has a lot of water in it so it's really good for hydrating your body in your skin.

So I'm just going to break it in half and throw it in there so before I add the rest of the ingredients of the smoothie.

I like to pre-blend to my vegetables and my greens once before because I want to make sure that all these greens are broken down and that there are no chunky bits and pieces in my smoothie.

So for the base of the smoothie, I like to use coconut water. this is harmless harvest 100% raw coconut water and it's not processed with heat like most of the other coconut waters.

So it really retains the natural flavor of the coconut it's very delicious so I like to use this as a base for my smoothie and I put about one and a half two cups.

So migraines are now all blended and it's time for me to add the fruits and some lemon juice.

So I like using frozen bananas and mangos for the fruits because it gives it a nice creamy texture.

And it also makes the smoothie a lot tastier because it gives it that natural sweetness and lastly.

I like to put in the juice of one lemon the lemon really helps to cut the taste of the greens and it also adds an extra boost of vitamin C.

Oh, I juice the lemon in this little Bowl here and I'm made sure to take out the seeds because the seeds make can make this smoothie very bitter and then I'm just going to put lemon.

Juice in so now all my fruits and vegetables are in here and so I'm just going to do a final blend and then we'll be done but the foodie is finally done.

I'm just going to pour it into a glass jar and if I have extra I like to save some in the fridge and just snap on it.

Throughout the day stay strong and there we have it ha all done let's give it a taste pretty good.

I think it's always important to keep in mind that it's not always about the external beauty, but more importantly how you feel about yourself inside.

If you eat healthy food and if you feel good about yourself then you will portray that but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this article please give it a thumbs up.

If you would like more health-related and cooking type of Article I don't know it's my first time trying this out I feel really awkward standing here in my kitchen it's just not very ideal for filming but anyways.

I hope you guys found this article useful and I hope that you actually try out this detox green smoothie.

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