What are the methods of planting hibiscus & What are the functions and effects?

What are the methods of planting hibiscus & What are the functions and effects?
What are the methods of planting hibiscus & What are the functions and effects?

What are the methods of planting hibiscus & What are the functions and effects?

Hibiscus flowers are suitable for planting in courtyards, slopes, roads, forest ridges, and buildings, or as hedges, and can also be seen north of the cold. So do you know what the methods of planting hibiscus are? What are the functions and effects? What is its symbol?

Hibiscus planting method:-

1. Soil: Wooden Hibiscus has a strict requirement on land, but it grows best in sandy soils that are fertile, humid, and well-drained. Large wooden posts should be used for wooden Hibiscus. Pottery soil can be cultivated in soil prepared from 7 parts of garden soil and three parts of compost soil.

2. Temperature: The hibiscus flower has weak cold resistance and should be taken indoors in winter to ensure that the temperature is controlled at 0–10 ℃ to allow the hibiscus flower to sleep naturally goes.

3. Sunshine: Hibiscus prefers a sunny environment, and is slightly tolerant to half shade. It is best to choose a bright spot for planting. Plants should also be kept under adequate sunlight.

4. Watering: Hibiscus flowers are not drought-tolerant, and sufficient water is required during the growing season to ensure the growth needs of hibiscus flowers. When the flower buds are translucent to control the growth of their leaves, the water should be cut properly, so that nutrients are concentrated on the flowers, and water is scarce in winter.

5. Fertilization: Hibiscus flowers require more fertilized water in the spring germination period, and a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied before and after the flowering period. Every winter or spring can be eaten around the plant, apply some decaying organic fertilizer, to facilitate plant growth and flowering.

6. Pruning: Hibiscus flowers are resistant to pruning. These can be trimmed and shaped as needed, and dead branches and leaves are cut to ensure lightness. It is best to grow the size of the plant in the shape of a bush.

7. Insect pests: The most common pests and diseases of hibiscus flowers are common spider mites, which can be sprayed with a 73% petite solution 3000 times or a 20% dimethyl ether emulsified solution 1000 times. Small green-leaf and cotton-leaf plants are also common pests of hibiscus flowers and can be sprayed with 5% carbaryl powder.

What are the functions and effects of Hibiscus?

As a ubiquitous flower in life, the hibiscus flower has a lot of functions and functions. Apart from appreciation, it can also be used in the industry. More importantly, the hibiscus flower is plain and spicy. It consists of cleansing heat, cooling the blood, detoxifying, reducing inflammation, and detoxification. It is suitable for lung heat cough, excessive menstruation, excessive leucorrhea, carbuncle poisoning, boils, water, and fire disease. Next, let's take a closer look.

When it comes to the efficacy and role of hibiscus flowers, it is the first to see. The vast majority of flower friends may be the objective of raising it! Hibiscus flowers have a long flowering period,

vigorous flowers and many varieties. The color of hibiscus flowers varies according to the intensity of light. It is usually white or light red in the morning and dark red in the afternoon. It has a high decorative value.

1. Industrial Raw Materials

Unlike other flowers, the stem bark of the hibiscus flower contains 39% cellulose, and the stem bark fiber is flexible and water-resistant.

It can be used as a raw material for cables and textiles, and can also be used for papermaking. It also has some value in industrial applications.

2. Medicinal Use

Hibiscus can be used as a medicine. Its flowers, leaves, and roots are rich in flavonoids, hypericin, inulin, phenols, reducing sugar, and other pharmaceutical ingredients, which can be used as medicine.

Indian Ayurveda believes that the hibiscus flower has a smooth taste and has functions of heat, cooling blood, detoxification, inflammation, and clearing detoxification.

It is suitable for diseases like lung cough, excessive menstruation, excessive leukorrhea, carbuncle, swollen carbuncle, boils. 
Amni menstruation

Hibiscus flower and lotus shell, equal parts, 6 grams each time, three times a day, rice soup are served.

Women's leucorrhea

Fifty grams of hibiscus flowers and 30 grams of celosia, decoction, one dose per day.

Treatment of gout

Thirty grams of hibiscus leaf and wood hibiscus flower. Select the wooden Hibiscus, pour it into a medicine jar, pour the right amount of water, soak for 5 to 10 minutes, brew and pour it in the bathtub, and take a foot bath when heated, two times a day, every 20 to 30 minutes. One dose per day for 2 to 3 weeks.


Ten grams of Hibiscus and mulberry. Select the wooden Hibiscus, pour it into the medicine jar, add the appropriate amount of water, soak the decoction and juice for 5 to 10 minutes, keep it in the bathtub, take a bath when the feet are warm, twice a day, 20 1 dose per day for 30 minutes every 2 to 3 weeks.

Of treatment of inflammation and poison

At the end of the study, similar parts of Hibiscus Leaf and Cocklub, mix well with honey and apply to the affected area.

Mumps infection

At the end of the study, mix hibiscus leaves, eggs well and apply on the affected area twice a day.

Treat mastitis

The fresh roots and leaves of the Hibiscus are broken together and applied to the affected area with white wine.

Treatment of ulcers and inflammation

30-60 grams of hibiscus flowers (half-dried flowers), 15 grams of rock sugar. Garnish the wooden hibiscus flowers with water, dissolve the juice and rock sugar, and drink it from the tea side.

Hibiscus signifies a noble and pure gentleman. Flowers of Hibiscus are divided into dried Hibiscus and water hibiscus, which have different flowering languages due to different dry water.

Dry Hibiscus Flower Language: Early maturity, because the color of the flower is white or pink, in the morning, it will change to a big red in the afternoon.

In just a short time, there can be a changing flower, which is quite unique. Therefore, its flowery language is "uncertain." Most people who are born with this flower blessing are unsure. This is Han Furong.

The Water Hibiscus is the lotus that we often call, the language of the lotus flower: Wuxi, the lotus stands in the ground among the lotus leaves waving in the wind, and it looks beautiful from a distance.

The lotus flower is flawless. The mud is not stained and is not a Qingjian demon, which means firm and pure. This water is Hibiscus lotus.

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